Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vérmyapre Kommando Discography

This band is part of Les Legions Noires.

Album Name: Crache La Mort
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 1996
Country: France
Track Listing:

1. Crache Le Mort
2. Mort Du Batard
3. Notre Guerre Contre Hu
4. Tenebres
5. Vermyapre Kommando
6. Le Fin


Album Name: Vérmyapre Kommando
Band: Vérmyapre Kommando
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 1996
Country: France
Track Listing:

1. Krieg Metal
2. Sekhell
3. Juden
4. Razoir X Guillotine
5. Fihveurhr
6. Blitzcarnage
7. G.S. Command




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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Obviously you little shits don't understand there's such a thing as copyright. Blogs like these must tell people they have to buy material because these free downloads are obviously fucking illegal. Comprendo? And another thing, right on the fucking front page is a paragraph don't know if you can read an entire paragraph, wow, "If you decide to not delete an album by a band whose material is no longer available for purchase then that is understandable.". And no fucking shit LLN had very little copies of their work anyone who knows anything about LLN would know that. Go listen to Dimmu Borgir you act like a child.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

then, if you put, "BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT! ", you show me than you could put some distro, where we could buy it. To me, you are son of dimmu borgir, if you are right, then give me in a original copy and show me the fucking store.

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caca said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up and listen to me.
LLN is not commercial music,so we can't buy them,but we can try to find real fans to make a copy from their own tapes, so "Buy it if you like it" - is an awful bullshit, but get it if you like it - i think it's the right way.

Urgehal said...

Hey ladies,

no shit, i bought vermyapre kommando some years ago at ebay usa.
thats for all who think there was no chance buying it.
now your chance is gone.
so shut up and talk about something you know.

Black-Kaizer said...

God damnit, look, I KNOW you can't buy a brand new copy of an LLN piece. Shut the fuck up already. I keep it on their as an attempt to keep the RIAA off my ass. There have been multiple times they've taken uploads off the blog. You don't know the warnings I've already had just by running this place for some of you ungrateful know it alls. I mean, fuck, I'm running a BM blog of this size, while you're the guys barely downloading this shit, you guys really think I didn't know you couldn't buy this? Shut up and enjoy what I'm giving you. I'm the fuckin boss.

Anonymous said...

Yes, LLN's demos were very limited in copies.
But, some labels re-edited a lot of demos.
And if you have so much money, you can buy everything.